Monday, October 22, 2012

Attack of the Theocrats now in Paperback!

On October 15, this great, great book, Attack of the Theocrats by Sean Faircloth was released in paperback, and you should buy it if you have any interest at all in the removal of religious bias from law.  Sean Faircloth makes the case that there are a number of laws already on the books across the country that favor religions which preach hate against gays, teach the subjugation of women, and endanger children. 

Also in Attack of the Theocrats is a ten-point vision for a secular America, a model for getting our country back to the principles of Jefferson and Madison.  Faircloth also gives us the "Fundamentalist Fifty," a quick look at some of the worst theocrats in Washington today (I was both pleased and  disgusted to see that NC's own Renee Ellmers made the list - Steve Wilkins for Congress!!).

Attack of the Theocrats can be found nowhere in the dinky town where I live, but fortunately is available at Barnes and Noble and at Amazon.  Buy 2 copies, because if you are anything like me, you will read it quickly and immediately lend it to a friend (grumble). 

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